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What is new in Angular 13!

Typescript 4.4

    Angular 13 comes with Typescript 4.4 support and stopped its support for Typescript versions up-to 4.3. It also support Rxjs Version 7.4 and Node.js Version above 14.15.0.

Invy 100%

    View Engine is no longer part of Angular 13. Angular 13 completely comes with 100% Ivy Support.

Component API Updates

    Now we can build dynamic components using less boilerplate code due to the improved ViewContainerRef.createComponent API.

@Directive({ … }) export class MyDirective { constructor(private viewContainerRef: ViewContainerRef) {} createMyComponent() { this.viewContainerRef.createComponent(MyComponent); } }

IE 11 No longer supported!

    In order to support native Web APIs and CSS variables and Animations Angular stopped supporting IE 11. Users and Organisations can safely move to Microsoft Edge.

Angular Test Enhancements

    Angular teams made noteworthy changes to its Testbed library, it can now perform clean up operations to test-environments and modules after every test.

Form Enhancements

A New type of property added to form known as FormControlStatus, it accumulates all the status strings for form controls.